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Meetup: Hands-on Agile #14: Liberating Structures for Scrum: The Product Backlog

Liberating Structures 4 Scrum — Hands-on Agile Academy

TL;DR: Liberating Structures for Scrum: The Product Backlog

The 14th Hands-on Agile meetup continues exploring Liberating Structures for Scrum events. This time we look at Liberating Structures for the Product Backlog.

Liberating Structures cover a set of easy to learn, yet powerful ways to collaborate as a team—even as a large team—, overcoming traditional communications approaches like presentations, managed discussions, or another disorganized brainstorming at which the loudest participants tend to prevail.

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Liberating Structures for Scrum: Product Backlog — Hands-on-Agile

Use Liberating Structures to Improve Your Scrum Events

Throughout the coming months, we will create exciting new ways how to improve classic Scrum events like the Daily Scrum, the Sprint Review or the Sprint Retrospective. Moreover, we will use Liberating Structures for difficult challenges that agile coaches, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners face, for example, reviewing the existing product design process.

Using Liberating Structures will improve not just the typical Scrum team events. They are particularly well-suited to improve the collaboration of larger groups, for example, all of the Scrum teams of a Nexus. They also allow to include stakeholders from all parts of an organization or your customers in meta-level activities such as retrospectives.

This fourth meetup of the “Liberating Structures for Scrum” series will address the Product Backlog.

Liberating Structures for Scrum: The Product Backlog — Our Host Is LucaNet AG

Our host is LucaNet AG. LucaNet has been synonymous with intelligent software solutions and professional expertise in consolidated financial statements and controlling since 1999. Our aim is to simplify your day-to-day processes with the help of our financial performance management software.

Learn more about LucaNet AG.

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Upcoming Hands-on Agile Meetups: The Hands-on Agile meetup #15—“Liberating Structures for Scrum: The Sprint Review”—will take place in July 2019.​

The Hands-on Agile Meetup #14 will be facilitated by PST Stefan Wolpers.

From the blog: Liberating Structures for Scrum (1): The Sprint Retrospective.

Liberating Structures Workshop for Scrum

Join us for an exciting Liberating Structures workshop for Scrum on July 6th, 2019 in Berlin. We will be exploring several microstructures, weave them into strings and apply those to Scrum events like the Daily Scrum, the Sprint Review, or the Sprint Retrospective. The workshop language will be English.