XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training and Certification: XSCALE Exponential Business Agility Practitioner (XBAP)

The XSCALE Business Agility XBA practitioner training supports the transformation process from the traditional management style of the industrial age to a servant leadership model – which is now found at the core of any agile organization.

XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training by Berlin Product People GmbH

Join Us on November 15, 2018, for the next XSCALE XBA Business Agility Training

The next XSCALE XBA Business Agility training is scheduled for November 15th and 16th, 2018, in Berlin.

The ticket price includes 19% VAT as well as all other fees. The catering is included as well.

Learning Objectives of the XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training

The XSCALE Business Agility XBA training combines components of various agile practices, from Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban or DevOps, to an integrated framework which enables the transition to a learning organization. The workshop participants will learn basic ideas, techniques, and mental models how to de-scale organizations in a way that self-organizing teams will be able to create value for customers via self-managing value-streams.

During the XSCALE Business Agility XBA class you will learn to identify, to prioritize, and finally to address bottlenecks in work-flow, value-streams, and the flow of learning within your organization. Moreover. you will understand that a change to agile practices in your organization cannot be pushed by the management but needs to be pulled by the team themselves.

The learning objectives of the XSCALE Business Agility XBA training are:

  • Learn how to de-scale your organisation to self-managing streams of self-organising teams.
  • Learn how to align value streams without big meetings, long loops, and tangled dependencies.
  • Learn how to focus your business on continuously opening bottlenecks to exponential ROI.
  • Learn how to motivate teams and streams through metrics that maximize throughput.
  • Learn how to change your culture without disruption, muddle, compromise or politics.

All these efforts will culminate during the training class in a ‘Game without Thrones’ game evening that we organize in collaboration with our Berlin Hands-on Agile Meetup group.

Xscale XBA Business Agility Training Game without Thrones

A ‘Game without Thrones’ is a playful, intense, hands-on simulation of self-organization using Lego®. Moreover, it’s a Game without Thrones because of the self-organization rules. We use Lego® to learn how agile organizations work, with no command and control, but instead chapter meetings, tribal treaties, small councils, and leadership as a service. The game aligns autonomous teams into self-managing streams and the wit and wisdom of Wildlings.

XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training Format

  • Duration: two days
  • Format: training class
  • Certification: XSCALE Alliance eXponential Business Agility Practitioner (XBAP).

Recommended Participants for the XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training

The XSCALE Business Agility XBA Training is particularly useful to (line) managers from established organizations, business analysts, portfolio managers, product managers, lean coaches, agile coaches, scrum masters as well as entrepreneurs competing in industries featured by high innovation speeds.

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