XSCALE Alliance Training and Certification: XSCALE Exponential Product Management Practitioner (XPM)

The XSCALE Product Management practitioner training class comprises of all of today’s techniques required to identify a valuable product for your customers, and subsequently create the product in an agile way.

XSCALE Product Management XPM Training by Berlin Product People GmbH

Focus and Learning Objectives of the XSCALE Product Management XPM Training

The XPM course is based on simple, proven and data-driven practices. The XPM training unifies management, sales, design, and engineering for excellent agile product development teams — beyond functional silos or innovation-impeding hierarchies. The combination of agile practices, such as pirate metrics, impact mapping, flow principles, Lean Startup or Behavior Driven Design (BDD), ensures future return on investments that can easily exceed those of your conventionally operating competitors.

This course teaches you how to create ‘product squads’ to rapidly achieve consensus on what product feature are worth building, taking factors like costs, risks, return on investment, and cost of delay into account. You will also learn how to avoid the usual politics and haggling concerning product roadmaps by applying XSCALE’s release refactoring to prioritization. Finally, you will learn how to create a product epic landscape that aligns all stakeholders to a shared vision.

The learning objectives of the XSCALE Product Management XPM training are:

  • Learn how to quantify and open market bottlenecks.
  • Learn how to design a product ecosystem for exponential growth.
  • Learn how to prioritize product features for maximum market impact.
  • Learn how to measure, track and trade off budget and cost of delay against ROI.
  • Learn how to align business, design & tech leaders to optimize top-line business throughput.

XSCALE Product Management XPM Training Format

  • Duration: two days
  • Format: training class
  • Certification: XSCALE Alliance eXponential Product Management Practitioner (XPMP).

Recommended Participants for the XSCALE Product Management XPM Training

The XSCALE Alliance training for XPM Practitioners is particularly useful to (line) managers from established organizations, business analysts, portfolio managers, product managers, user experience designers as well as business stakeholders involved in product design and product management in general.

The Next XSCALE Product Management XPM Training

The next XSCALE Product Management XPM training will be available upon request in Berlin.

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