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Berlin Product People GmbH Supports Enterprises to Become Agile Organizations

Berlin Product People GmbH supports enterprises — from fast-growing startups to corporations — on their way to becoming agile learning organizations.

Agile Coaching Berlin Product People GmbH

We provide Professional Scrum Training classes as a licensed member of’s Professional Training Network. Our training classes are offered both in English and German.

Berlin Product People GmbH — Member of’s Professional Training Network

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Moreover, we are a licensed facilitator of the Agile Fluency™ Team Diagnostic by James Shore and Diana Larsen.

We provide our services as agile coaches, Scrum Masters and/or Product Owners in collaboration with our clients’ staff members, and at the location of our clients’ choosing.

We also support our clients’ efforts to adopt agile practices with tailored workshops and training classes.

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Berlin Product People GmbH Is Committed to the Agile Community

Berlin Product People is an active member of the global agile community:

  • Our Food for Agile Thought newsletter is a weekly compilation of the best news and latest developments in agile product management and lean methodologies. The newsletter has a base of more than 24,500 subscribers as of 2019-12-22.
  • We are also organizing the Agile Camp Berlin, an annual Barcamp for 200 agile Practitioners from all over Europe. The Agile Camp 2020 will take place on April 17/18th, 2020.
  • In addition to the “Food for Agile Thought” newsletter, also provides more than ten free ebooks on a panoply of topics relevant to agile practitioners — from scrum master interview questions to scrum anti-patterns. So far, the ebooks have been downloaded almost 42,000 times.
  • We host the largest English-speaking Slack community for agile peers worldwide: The Hands-on Agile Slack community has more than 6,500 members as of 2018-08-31.
  • Hands-on Agile also organizes regular meetups in Berlin.
  • Berlin Product People hosts an open source project called the “Agility Assessment Framework”.


Berlin Product People publishes two blogs. Combined, the blogs have more than 30,000 readers per month:

The Blog

The blog focusses on the operative daily work of the agile coach, scrum master or product owner, sharing tips and tricks as well as other wisdom from the agile trenches.

The Berlin Product People Blog

Our company blog focuses on the organizational aspects of adopting agile practices, particularly in the area of Business Agility. Moreover, we provide information on our regular meetups, webinars, workshops and training classes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: