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The Agile Fluency™ Diagnostic for Agile Teams and Organizations

Licensed Facilitation Based on the Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™

Berlin Product People GmbH is a licensed facilitator of the Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ by James Shore and Diana Larsen. Based on the Agile Fluency ™ Model, we analyze the status of your organization’s agile practices. At the heart of this analysis—or agile audit—is a self-assessment workshop with your teams.

Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ Berlin Product People GmbH

Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ Workshops

During these workshops, we learn how the teams assess the situation in your organization: from the levels of competence in agile practices to technical excellence to organizational debt and the resulting potential for improvements. The tool centers around a questionnaire comprising of seven questions each for the first three zones (from Focusing to Optimizing) that are answered by each team member. The answers are simple ranging from ‘1/Never’ to ‘5/Always.’ We then aggregate and analyze the results.

Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ Questionnaire Berlin Product People GmbH

Based on the distribution of individual answers, the Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ provides a visualization of a team’s current status:

Agile Fluency Diagnostic ™ Results Berlin Product People GmbH

A team is “fluent” in a zone when:

Based on this status according to the Agile Fluency ™ model the team engages in a discussion to identify issues worth tackling to improve the team’s fluency. (This is not different from an overall team retrospective.)

Once you run this practice with all teams regularly and you aggregate the team results you will create a data set over time that reflects the progress of your organization’s agile transition. Based on this analysis, we not only provide you with a detailed status report of your teams’ (and organization’s) strengths and weaknesses based on the Agile Fluency ™ model. We also identify specific areas of investment in agile practices, which will improve your organization’s return on previous, as well as suitable, future investments.

We recommend repeating such analyses in a regular cadence, between three to six months, to provide an additional, positive feedback loop beyond the usual team retrospectives. Moreover, tracking the progress of adopting agile practices in a standardized way, allows for valid identification of improvement areas.

The Agile Fluency™ Diagnostic report helps to avoid unnecessary investments by defining a useful level of agility within your organization.

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