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The Advanced Scrum Master Training (PSM II)

Discover Scrum’s four success principles in this official Advanced Scrum Master training class including the industry-recognized PSM II certification.

PSM II training classes are offered both in English and German as live-virtual classes or in-person classes. Our Scrum training classes are either public courses or take place as in-house training.

Advanced Scrum Master Training (PSM II) — Berlin Product People GmbH

📈 PSM II Certification Results 2021: While the focus of any class is on lifting your professional skills to the next level, we are not sidelining the certification. In 2021:

Refresher Classes: Attend a free refresher class as a former student upon arrangement and availability. Here, a former student may attend a (public) course for a second time to revisit practices and principles. (Attendance does not include recertification, however.)

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🎓 This class is also available as a private or corporate class. Please consult Training Rates for further information.

Customer Voices

“Since about 12 people have already asked me these last 2 days: Yes, taking one of Stefan Wolpers classes is a mind-blowing experience. He’s actually the most adroit facilitator I’ve met after Guy Kawasaki & Roland Busch. It all flows like a silk ribbon in a soft spring breeze but with a strong authenticity that prevents the thing from feeling all Del Monte Canned Corporate Facilitation(tm). It may be due to his seemingly effortless mastery of the Liberating Structures. He doesn’t “teach to the test,” yet when you take the open practice assessments, you somehow score 95+ the first time. I dunno, it’s magic or Mozart, you pick.”

“Very hands-on class with lots of concrete takeaways to help in real world scenarios. Reinforced practices and highlighted things that helped in passing the PSM II exam but that was merely a bonus as the content of the class is so useful – certifications or not. Stefan Wolpers is an excellent trainer with broad practical and theoretical knowledge on the subject and his classes seem to have very good working atmosphere (this was a second class by him that I have taken).”

“It was a second time I attended a training led by Stefan and I strongly recommend. Stefan puts a strong emphasis on liberating structures and students interactions. He’s an excellent trainer and his classes are highly engaging. Overall – one of my best learning experiences. I felt very confident taking my PSM II assessment two days after the class and passed on my first attempt.”

“Fantastic course with Stefan – I specifically chose to join the class that he was facilitating as I was familiar with him from the Age of Product and have enjoyed and learned from lots of his articles. He didn’t disappoint. Hugely knowledgeable and the delivery of the various elements of learning via Mural & Liberating Structures was inspiring and shall be plagiarised! A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking learning experience for which I must thank him and the other attendees.”

“This training is a great way to guide your understanding on Scrum -once again- in the right direction. It is highly practical, well organised, engaging and demanding -in a positive way. The teaching is heavily based on pair-work, collaboration and interaction within the group, using Liberating Structures and other exercises. Most of which, will be easily adjusted to different scenarios, so it’s also a great addition to a SM’s toolbox. I learned a lot, had fun and met 12 amazing professionals. Thank you, Stefan!”

Outstanding PSM II experience: Having looked forward to attending this class, literally for years, it was everything I expected, hoped for and then some. I am so grateful that this was an online virtual class, as it added an additional dimension to the learning, and was incredibly insightful. The trainer did an outstanding job of taking us through the learning plan, facilitating discussions, guiding the outcome and believing in the structures. Whether the learning was tangible curriculum, or intangible observation, it was excellent – made even more solid by the open sharing from my classmates and willingness from everyone to participate.”

“First of all, thanks to Stefan Wolpers for hosting a truly, truly amazing PSM II class with spirited, passionate individuals and exciting discussions.”

“Excellent course and excellent trainer. [The PSM II class] was a lot of fun and we exchanged a lot of experience among advanced class mates. @Stefan: keep rocking !”

“Thank you Stefan Wolpers for the great Scrum workshop and everyone else for the amount of great conversations we had. Definitely learnt a lot!”

“It was absolutely wonderful experience with this (4 days, 4 hours each) class facilitated by Stefan Wolpers. I am very much impressed on how the [4-day] agenda was planned and executed especially using the Liberating structures. There was a not of sharing and learning in the group and real thought process tackling real time issues as a scrum master. I would recommend his session without a doubt.”

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PSM II Certification and Advanced Scrum Master Training Schedule

The Professional Scrum Master II class includes two attempts to accomplish the industry-acknowledged PSM II certification:

“The Professional Scrum Master (TM) level II (PSM II) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to demonstrate his or her ability to apply the Scrum framework to solving advanced, complex problems in the real world. Those that pass the assessment will receive the industry-recognized PSM II Certification as an indication of their advanced knowledge and abilities pertaining to Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master.”


You can book your place in a training class directly on the website by going to the corresponding Scrum training page. Also, see all upcoming dates for our Scrum training courses here. If the procurement process of your organization requires a different purchasing process, please feel free to contact your Professional Scrum Trainer:

All dates for upcoming Advanced Scrum Master Trainings (PSM II).

Who Should Attend the PSM II Training?

This advanced Scrum Master training class focuses on furthering the participants’ understanding of the role of the Scrum Master, what makes a Scrum Master successful, and the mindset that is needed to become an effective servant leader. The class is hence well-suited for practicing Scrum Masters who want to advance their professional development and take the next career step.

Please note that the Professional Scrum Master II class is not suited for beginners. The PSM II training requires an advanced level of Scrum knowledge from attendees as well as hands-on experience in supporting Scrum Teams for at least 6-12 months. It is also recommended to attend a PSM I training class in advance.

Why You Don’t Want to Miss this PSM Class

There are several reasons why you would want to join Stefan’s Professional Scrum Master II training:

PSM II Learning Objectives

The class covers in detail the stances that Scrum Masters need to adopt when dealing with complexity, organizational debt, outdated technology, challenging market conditions, or difficult people, namely:

As a Scrum Master, you are regarded as the go-to-person for all things “agile and Scrum” in your organization, as the prime change agent. You will hence need to be expertly familiar with techniques, tools, and practices that allow you to support your management, your stakeholders, your Product Owners, and Scrum Teams on their journey to achieve business agility.

This PSM II class provides you with an excellent starting point for your journey to Professional Scrum. In the class, we will share tools; our lessons learned, exercises, and stories that will help you to become more proficient in Scrum. Also, we will explore the most potent facilitation techniques available to Scrum Masters to date — Liberating Structures — extensively.

PSM Training Focus

The Professional Scrum Master II training will focus on:

What Will You Take Home with You?

This Advanced Professional Scrum Master training will provide both the PSM II class manual as well as the PSM II certification code. (Including an additional complimentary code within the first 14 days after the completion of the class if the trainee does not achieve 85 % the first time.)

Additionally, you will also receive a book and several ebooks from Stefan that provide proven hands-on tactics to excel at your position of Scrum Master, thus furthering your career potential.

Please note that while the Professional Scrum Master II class includes the PSM II certification, the class is not directly linked to this certification. The class is not about passing the PSM II certification but focused on making attending Scrum Masters more successful in their profession.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Advanced Scrum Master Training (PSM II)?

You will experience this PSM II class even better if you invest in familiarizing yourself with some of the following articles, guides, ebooks, and assessments:

(Please contact Stefan Wolpers for a complete list of recommended resources.)

Tools Used in Public Live Virtual Classes

We use Zoom, Mural, and Google Apps in public training classes to ensure the best learning experience. If you are required to use other applications, for example, Microsoft Teams, please reach out to us for other options.

Your Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers

PST Stefan Wolpers will facilitate the class. Stefan has practiced Scrum, XP, and other agile practices for more than 14 years. He is an active contributor to the Berlin agile community, for example, he is a licensed Agile Fluency™ facilitator as well as an XSCALE Alliance Business Agility coach.

The training activities will comprise of interactive exploration, discussions, and exercises, for example, based on Liberating Structures, or short teachings. The techniques that you will learn are also immediately applicable after the class in your team environment.

Learn more about your Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers.