Webinar: Agile Maturity and Agility Assessment

TL;DR: Webinar Agile Maturity and Agility Assessment

Is agile maturity a fad or a trend? How can an organization make an informed decision on what level of agility might become achievable before starting a transition? Our webinar Agile Maturity addresses the question of agile maturity and detailed the survey results what indicates an agile organization. Moreover, we introduced the ‘Agility Assessment Framework’ open source project which aims to provide agile practitioners with the tools needed to answer these questions.

Your webinar host is Stefan Wolpers.

Please note: This webinar is in German only. However, the webinar Agile Maturity and Agility Assessment is available in English on Youtube.)

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Agile Maturity and Agility Assessment — Webinar Berlin Product People GmbH

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