New in 2024: Assessments, Practices, Exercises, and Tools to Help You Excel

TL; DR: Tools to Help You Excel in 2024

Having just completed the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book, I will turn my focus to 2024 with new projects that build on the foundation laid by the book. I plan to dedicate the upcoming year to empowering agile practitioners through various new tools, workshops, and community events. The tools to help you excel will enhance your skill sets and equip you to thrive amidst professional challenges.

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Tools to Help You Excel in 2024: Assessments, Practices, Exercises —

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What Is Next?

In early December 2023, we finalized the first edition of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book. When you read this, the book’s first edition should be printed and ready for distribution in early January 2024. The book covers more than 180 anti-patterns, each analyzed for why they may exist and what you can do about them. Additionally, an appendix comprises helpful practices and tools to get you started with change.

That being said, now let me briefly sketch what I have started working on since autumn, the tools to help you excel in 2024:

  • Anti-Patterns Assessment Tool: Won’t it be helpful to turn the knowledge base of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide book into an assessment tool to help you figure out where there is room for improvement in your organization and how to go about it? There is good news: I am already talking to someone who might provide such a tool. Alternatively, I am considering to create my own tool. (This is not my first attempt at doing so; see the Agility Assessment Tool from 2017.)
  • AntiPatternsGPT: I plan to test OpenAI’s new GPT tool for creating customized knowledge bases. There are plenty of texts and e-books on Scrum and other “Agile” topics I have written over the years to train the specific GPT; maybe it will be helpful. Unfortunately, the current licensing conditions will make AntiPatternsGPT only available to those with a ChatGPT pro-account.
  • New Cohort-based Classes: The first training class outside my classic Scrum training offering is already scheduled for January/February 2024: The Product Backlog Management Cohort Class. It helps you elevate your Product Owner skills and learn to consistently deliver value, effectively discern impactful ideas, gracefully say ‘no,’ and foster trust with stakeholders, all while engaging in valuable feedback loops within a community of peers dedicated to professional growth. The class is aligned with my upcoming first self-paced online class; see below.
  • Hands-on Agile Online Classes: More than 250 people volunteered to review the prototype of a chapter of my new self-paced online class on mastering product development with Scrum. The feedback was eye-opening; after all, while I have participated in hundreds of real-time training classes as a trainer, this is my first venture into the online class world. Version 2 of the prototype is already in the making, incorporating much of the feedback, and will be available in early January 2024. Once I get a thumbs up, I will start producing the rest of the class in short order.
    New in 2024: Assessments, Practices, Exercises, and Tools to Help You Excel — Hands-on Agile Online Class —
  • Enhancing the Food for Agile Thought Newsletter: You may have noticed that I have been experimenting with an extended newsletter on Substack. However, the resulting numbers do not justify continuing this experiment; I will hibernate my Substack by the end of 2023. Instead, I will expand the Food for Agile Thought newsletter with more unique content: Deep dives into Scrum anti-patterns and possible remedies, tools, and interviews of successful practitioners on specific topics like success patterns.
  • Knowledge databases in Notion: When I started curating content more than ten years ago, I created a content management system with the help of a friend called Newsmate. It is not publicly available and won’t be in the future. However, I will make much of its content available in the form of Notion databases; for example, if you are looking for the top ten tools on topic X? I’ve got you covered!
    Newsmate —
  • Hands-on Agile Community: Currently, I am pondering about two questions regarding the community:
    1. Is building a more engaging community beyond the Slack channel possible? And if so, under which circumstances?
    2. Where shall the Meetup be in a year from now? For example, shall we offer more skill-based sessions or exercises and workshops?

    The challenge from my perspective is that any step to intensify the community is massively time-consuming. And time is the one resource that is very scarce on my side. For example, inviting a speaker, marketing and running the Meetup, and publishing and marketing the recording takes 6-8 hours in total. Nevertheless, I will do my best to improve the experience in 2024.

What Is Your Take on the Tools to Help You Excel?

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I’m excited to offer you new tools and learning opportunities. The “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide” and innovative tools like the Anti-Patterns Assessment Tool and AntiPatternsGPT will provide tailored solutions for your professional challenges. Moreover, specialized cohort-based classes and enhanced resources like the revised “Food for Agile Thought” newsletter and Notion databases will help you boost your professional growth in a dynamic market. 2024 will be great!

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Tools to Help You Excel: Further Information

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🖥 🇬🇧 May 28-29, 2024Professional Scrum Master (Advanced) Training (PSM II; English; Live Virtual Class)Live Virtual Class €1.189 incl. 19% VAT
🖥 💯 🇬🇧 June 6, 2024GUARANTEED: Hands-on Agile #62: From Backlog Manager to Product Manager: From Outputs to Outcomes w/ David Pereira (English)Live Virtual MeetupFREE
🖥 💯 🇬🇧 June 13-July 11, 2024GUARANTEED: Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort Class (PBM; English; Live Virtual Cohort)Live Virtual Class €399 incl. 19% VAT
🖥 🇩🇪 July 9-10, 2024Professional Scrum Product Owner Training (PSPO I; German; Live Virtual Class)Live Virtual Class €1.299 incl. 19% VAT

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