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Professional Scrum Master Schulungen

“Time flew by during Stefan Wolpers‘s PSM training workshop! He tackled the subject matter with much humour, insight and clarity whilst greatly encouraging interaction and discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed Stefan’s workshop and highly recommend it especially if one is wanting to get up to speed quickly. Thank you Stefan for this worthwhile experience :-).”

“I attended the PSM I class run by Stefan Wolpers from Berlin Product People in Berlin this November and I am 100% sold. I came here intentionally to better understand how our product department works and to get some new impulses on my own projects but after preparing for the course, I started getting hooked on the possibilities of scrum, and just a short time into the class, I seriously started considering looking into shifting fields over to the fascinating world of agility. Thanks to Stefan for being so extremely resourceful before, during and after the class, filling the course with interesting real-life examples (also props to the other participants for sharing), and creating community rather than just sending you off with two days of memories and some printouts. Incredible class, great content, 100% recommended.”

Great training experience. It was very interactive with many room for exchange of thoughts and discussions. Furthermore the workshop is well balanced between knowledge input and active training with practical examples. I can recommend this for everybody who wants to get a first glance on SCRUM. Just one minor issue is that everything is based on the development of Software and is not easy to translate into Hardware development. But although this was also tried to tackle by our SCRUM teacher.

I learned a lot! It was very fun, all the questions answered and openly shared. The information was very interesting and well presented as well as prepared. Stefan has all the knowledge to make this training enjoyable and adaptable to the skills of the group, also is very open to answer questions at all times.

Thanks for the helpful training! Got a lot of inspiration of methods to use for facilitating workshops with my team. Also it refreshed my understanding of the scrum principles and enables me to reflect them for me and with the team. Thanks to Stefan for the helpful training!

Kundenstimmen zu Liberating Structures Workshops und Schulungen

Stefan is the ideal trainer for Liberating Structures! Through his work as an Agile Coach, he knows them inside out and also shares his experiences of applying them on the job. The full-day workshop allowed me to practice various microstructures with like-minded people in a positive environment and grow my facilitation skills. I had a great time and took a lot of valuable insights home that will prove useful in the future.”

Marius Braun am 17. Juli 2019.

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