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Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort of August 29-September 26, 2024

August 29 @ 3:00 pm - September 26 @ 6:00 pm

Product Backlog Management Cohort Class of Jan 23 to Feb 20, 2024, with Stefan Wolpers —
100 % — Guaranteed Scrum Training Class – Garantierte Scrum Schulung — Berlin Product People GmbH

Book Your Seat in the Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort Class of August 29-September 26, 2024

Discover the Product Owner success principles in this guaranteed engaging Advanced Product Backlog Management cohort class and accelerate your professional growth and career perspective with tried & tested, hands-on practices:

  • Excel at delivering value regularly — your #1 career success factor – by creating alignment among stakeholders and team members.
  • Learn to distinguish between valuable and useless ideas.
  • Abandon the feature factory. Instead, learn to contribute to customer and organizational success.
  • Gain actionable insights, learn supportive tools, and practice everything in a safe community of like-minded peers.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ without burning bridges while building trust and rapport with stakeholders.
  • Create engaging feedback loops.

Testimonial: “If you are looking to move beyond merely delivering features and want to start consistently delivering outcomes and valuable deliverables to your customers, this course is essential. Stefan provides the focus and tools necessary to embark on a journey toward excellent product management. With a curriculum that includes vision, strategy, roadmap, product discovery, continuous delivery, idea management, hypothesis management, and backlog management, this course promises less than it delivers—a truly transformative experience.” (Hector Feliciano.)

Your bonuses:

  • Gain access to a thriving community exclusive to professionals from all of my many classes on Professional Scrum, Product Management, Facilitation, and Liberating Structures.
  • Continue your learning with the included self-paced Product Backlog Management Course, launching on September 1, 2024.

🇬🇧 The class will be offered in English.

Enjoy the benefits of an immersive cohort class with like-minded agile peers on the following dates:

  • Thursday, August 29, 2024, from 3 pm – 6 pm CEST.
  • Thursday, September 12, 2024, from 3 pm – 6 pm CEST.
  • Thursday, September 26, 2024, from 3 pm – 6 pm CEST.

We also host pre- and post-class sessions to maximize your learning experience:

  • Preparation (30 minutes): One week before the training, get to know each other and check the students’ technology set-up.
  • Follow-up (30 minutes): Two weeks after completing the training, we have a class reunion.
  • Refresher Classes: Attend a free refresher class as a former student upon arrangement and availability. Here, a former student may attend a (public) class for a second time to revisit practices and principles. (Please contact me for terms and conditions.)

    Book Your Seat by Email

    As a corporate customer, you can book your seat by email. Please provide us with all the necessary information for invoicing. From corporate customers based in the European Union who want to use the reverse charge procedure regarding VAT, we also need the VAT ID:

    Book Your Seat via the Ticket Shop

    As a private individual or as a corporate client situated in Germany, you can book your seat directly:

    Terms and Conditions, Alternative Dates, and Private Classes

    Please note that terms and conditions apply.

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    🎓 This class is also available as a private or corporate class. Please consult Training Rates for further information.

    The Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort Class by Stefan Wolpers

    This advanced cohort class offers a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on exercises, explore pivotal frameworks, connect with industry professionals, and harness Scrum techniques to elevate stakeholder value.

    Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort of August 29-September 26, 2024 —

    The cohort class will focus on:

    • Create value by facilitating alignment among stakeholders and team members on the Why, What, and How.
    • Master the art of visualizing the big product picture, starting with the Product Vision Canvas.
    • Dive deep into Lean Canvas to understand your product’s business model.
    • Translate product visions into actionable steps with the Product Opportunity Canvas, Product Roadmaps, and User Story Mapping.
    • Acquire expertise in crafting compelling User Stories and refining Product Backlog items.
    • Dive deep into advanced Product Backlog management techniques and tools, from the importance of quality to estimating and forecasts to say no without burning bridges.
    • Understand the importance and practical applications of feedback loops.

    The training activities will comprise interactive exploration, discussions, and exercises, for example, based on Liberating Structures or short teachings. The techniques that you will learn are also immediately applicable after the class in your team environment.

    Your Trainer Stefan Wolpers

    Your trainer is Stefan Wolpers, author of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide from Pearson’s Professional Scrum Series and Professional Scrum Trainer with

    Professional Scrum Training with PST Stefan Wolpers, author of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide from Pearson’s Professional Scrum Series.

    Learn more about the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide.

    Who Shall Attend the Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort?

    This cohort class is designed for product professionals and agile enthusiasts keen on excelling at product creation and Scrum collaboration in a complex landscape:

    • Aspiring and experienced Product Managers and Product Owners who aim to refine their skills and better understand the nuances of their role.
    • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Delivery Managers who wish to deepen their collaborative partnership with Product Managers and Product Owners.
    • Business analysts and stakeholders looking to align business objectives with Scrum’s processes.
    • Anyone eager to become proficient in product planning in general and the Product Operating Model in particular.

    Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers will facilitate the class. Stefan has extensive experience in startups and stock-listed corporations, is an active contributor to the Berlin agile community, is a licensed Agile Fluency™ facilitator, and is an XSCALE Alliance Business Agility coach.

    What Will You Take Home with You from the Advanced PBM Cohort Class?

    Don’t miss out: Receive a detailed workbook, earn a completion certificate, equip yourself with various tools to master Product Backlog challenges, and access Stefan’s community. You will get:

    • A comprehensive workbook filled with exercises, templates, and resources discussed during the class.
    • An arsenal of tools and methodologies to tackle any Product Backlog challenge.
    • A firm grasp of prevalent Product Backlog anti-patterns from the author of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide.
    • A certificate of completion showcasing your dedication to refining your professional practices.
    • A one-year subscription to Stefan’s new Hands-on Agile Community.

    Why You Don’t Want to Miss this Advanced Product Backlog Management Cohort Class

    There are several reasons why you would want to join Stefan’s Advanced Product Backlog Management cohort class:

    • Direct engagement with hands-on exercises to apply theoretical knowledge to benefit your career as a product mensch.
    • Experience industry-renowned frameworks and practices intensely.
    • Gain exclusive insights into advanced techniques like Anti-Product-Backlogs, ResearchOps, and more.
    • Enhance your Scrum practices to deliver maximum value to customers and stakeholders.
    • Gain access to a thriving community exclusive to students from all my classes.
    • Continue your learning with the included self-paced Product Backlog Management Course.
    • You will receive a substantial discount for further courses.

    How to Prepare Yourself for the Cohort Class?

    You will experience this Advanced Product Backlog Management cohort even better if you invest a few hours in advance, familiarizing yourself with the following articles, guides, ebooks, and assessments:

    (Of course, we will support your preparation efforts by providing access to the before-mentioned sources.)

    Tools Used in Public Live Virtual Classes

    For this Advanced Product Backlog Management cohort class, we use Zoom and Mural to ensure the best learning experience. If you need to use other applications, for example, Microsoft Teams, please contact us for other options.

    Your Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers

    Meet your Product Backlog Management Cohort Trainer and Agile Coach Stefan Wolpers. Stefan has more than 17 years of experience in agile product development. During this time, Stefan has been working as an agile coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner in different organizations, from startups to a Google subsidiary to corporations.

    Stefan specializes in coaching agile practices for change, for example, agile software development with Scrum, LeSS, Kanban, Lean Startup, and product management. He has served in senior leadership positions several times throughout his career. His agile coaching expertise focuses on scaling product delivery organizations of fast-growing, venture-capital-funded startups and transitioning existing product teams in established enterprise organizations.

    Stefan is also the author of the Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide, a Pearson publication from the Professional Scrum series.

    Learn more about your Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers.


August 29 @ 3:00 pm
September 26 @ 6:00 pm
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